How do I share my profile with the next customer/company inviting to their assessment provided by IntegrityNext

You are welcome to share your existing profile and participate to the assessment of other companies inviting your legal entity to the assessment provided by IntegrityNext.

If you are the registered user of your company's profile

1. Use the invitation link embedded in the message the inviting company sent to you (no need to click on it, you can copy paste it in your browser)

2. Click on 'If you are already registered, you can log in here'.

3. Use the email address and password chosen when previously registered.

4. Please review your profile and make sure that the information is complete and up to date.

The new customer is now automatically given access to your existing profile (you can check it via button "view inviting companies)

-> If you are NOT the registered user, kindly forward the inviting company message to the correct registered email address.






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