IntegrityNext enables companies to monitor their entire supply base regarding sustainability and compliance in order to meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk. More than one million suppliers in over 190 countries worldwide have already submitted their profiles to the IntegrityNext platform.

IntegrityNext is completely free for suppliers. The registration and assessment process is simple and straightforward. Our dedicated support team provides additional guidance via live chat.


How does it work?

The IntegrityNext platform allows companies to invite their suppliers worldwide to provide information about international sustainability and compliance standards and to receive the answers and documents collected in one system. 

Suppliers who already have certified management systems in one of the areas, can simply upload the certificate for a topic and are already done with the assessment. If one does not have a certificate in one or more areas, suppliers have the option to fill out a questionnaire instead, consisting of 5-22 simple 'Yes' or 'No' questions. The questionnaires check to what extent suppliers meet the international requirements of a corresponding management system.


What happens with the assessment results?

Only the company that has invited you will be able to see your details and IntegrityNext treats your data with the utmost care. If other customers of yours also request an assessment via IntegrityNext, you can share the existing profile with them so that you do not need to fill in the questionnaire again.

For further information please look at our T&Cs and Data Privacy Policy or simply check out our FAQ section T&Cs and Data Protection in the Help Center.

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