Why is Sustainability and Compliance important?

Sustainability is no longer „nice to have“. It has become a strategic imperative for companies to retain their competitiveness and license to operate in the years to come and has an increasingly significant impact on the bottom line. Regulators, consumers, B2B customers and investors are all putting increasing pressure on companies to take social responsibility and only the companies that are able to adapt will survive in the long term. 


Why IntegrityNext?

As up to 65% of a company‘s added value is provided by suppliers, regulators have identified procurement as an important lever to foster sustainability and are holding companies responsible not only for their own actions, but those of their suppliers, too. Monitoring thousands of suppliers for sustainability and compliance, however, is a daunting task for CPOs. The IntegrityNext platform allows companies to invite their suppliers worldwide to provide information about sustainability and compliance and to receive the answers and documents collected in our system.

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