How can I invite a colleague to my supplier profile? How to invite a colleague when 'email address already exists'?'

To add another person from your company or from different departments to your profile to help you review, complete or update your assessment, please:

1. log into your profile ( and

2. click on the "Invite a Colleague" button on the IntegrityNext platform (see screenshot below). Your colleague now receives an invitation email, can create a personal password and gets access to your shared supplier profile. 



! ! !

If the email you wish to add is already linked with another profile ("email address already exists"), please inform your colleague:

a - he/she needs to log into his profile and have further users there deleting his email address (i.e. adds at least one user administrating that profile)
b - your colleague's email address is then free to be added into the profile / legal entity's profile.



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