How can I keep the data regarding my company up to date?

In order for you to update your profile, you can always access the platform via this link:
There are several reasons why it might be necessary for you to update your profile:
  1. The sustainability and compliance information and data has changed in your company.
  2. Certificates you have uploaded are about to expire or have already expired. 
  3. New questions have been added to topics / questionnaires since you last saved your assessment 
  4. Further companies have invited you to the assessment and requested additional questions from you, so your profile needs to be updated.


How do I know that my profile needs to be updated?

If certificates are about to expire or have already expired, or if you receive new invitations from companies to participate in the assessment, you will be informed by e-mail about this and what steps are expected of you.

Also by checking your profile regularly, you can make sure that there are no unanswered questionnaires.


How can you tell if questionnaires are still unanswered and therefore the profile is still incomplete?
Questionnaires that are displayed in dark blue show that companies are expecting answers here and that they have not yet provided an answer (see screenshot below).


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