The CMRT file is uploaded in my profile. What are the reasons for my red status?

The system compares the content of the filled entries in your uploaded CMRT with the updated list of smelters from the RMI.

The result in the self-assessment could be red in the topic 'Conflict Minerals' since:

1. smelters stated in the CMRT are not either
-> active (list of active smelters:
(data from CMRT tab 'Smelter List')
and / or
-> conformant (list of conformant smelters:
(data from CMRT tab 'Smelter List')

2. less than 50% of relevant suppliers have provided a response to the supply chain survey
(data from CMRT Question 6)

3. declaration tab is not filled in
(data from CMRT tab 'Declaration')

4. smelter data is not provided
(data from CMRT tab 'Smelter List')

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