How do I share my profile with other customers?

If you have been invited to the IntegrityNext assessment by other customers by mail, you can simply share your already completed profile with these customers. To learn more about this, please have a look at our article here: We already have an IntegrityNext profile. How do I share my profile with a new customer request?

If you would like to share your IntegrityNext profile with other third parties via email or post it on your website i.e. in your Social Media channels, you can do so via "Sustainability Profile'.
There you can revise your profile and enrich it with more Company information and post it or send it to other people by sharing your personal Company link (see screenshot below).


1. Go to your dashboard, scroll down and click on 'View your profile'.


Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-16 um 15.58.08.png


2. Complete your compliance profile (via "edit" button) by inserting your logo, formulating a company text under 'About Us'. You can also use the opportunity to upload company images. 

Then share the link with your network.


Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-16 um 15.57.20.png

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