Who can fill out the IntegrityNext assessment?

Every kind of company, from multinational companies to smaller consultancies, law firms, service providers or travel agencies can answer our questionnaires.

We are aware that the formulation of the questions is geared more to larger companies and that it is rather the medium and larger companies that establish management systems that have clear rules on how to set up a process to be compliant with sustainability and compliance. But it does not matter if you answer "No" to the question 'Does your company have a certificate for this topic' - Just because you do not have a management certificate does not mean that you have a bad business practice.


How does it work?

You do not need to upload certificates to be compliant and get a green status in IntegrityNext. It is possible to simply fill out our questionnaires instead.

Please try to look at the questions from your own business perspective and answer them as much as possible. Example: You do not have a dedicated manager for the topic in question? It is enough if you as a company owner try to implement these things in your company to a certain extent by introducing new guidelines. You will quickly realize that often the very first answer to a question with "Yes" moves your status to yellow or green.


Need more help?

If you want to learn more about this topic, please have a look at our Small Business Guide Webinar or Video Tutorials.

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